When you create a form in Online Express, it generates javascript that you insert onto a webpage in order to display the form.

Note: Please review the Online Express security information for embedding forms on your website here.

In order to add an Online Express form to our WordPress website, we must add the javascript of the OLX from to the Online Express Forms plugin in WordPress. By creating a form within this plugin, it will create a form ID which can be added to your page. 
Note: The Online Express Forms plugin is only available for Blackbaud WordPress clients. If your WordPress site was not developed by Blackbaud, you will need to use a third party plugin to insert the OLX javascript code in WordPress. One example is available on our Online Express Tips Page.
  1. In Raiser's Edge, copy the javascript code that was generated in Online Express, noted in the screenshot belowUser-added image
  2. Log in to WordPress (www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin)
  3. Select the Online Express Forms plugin from the dashboard
  4. Click Add New
  5. Paste the copied code into the Embed Code, under Form Settings
​​​User-added image
  1. Click Publish
​​User-added image
  • Note: If you need to create a new page, follow the lettered steps below, otherwise proceed with the numbered steps.
    1. Click on Pages > Add New
    2. Enter a title of the page where it says Enter title here
    3. Under Page Attributes in the right column, select whether this page is the child of a parent page
    4. Select the Template for the page
  1. Once in edit mode on the page you want to add the form to, place your cursor in the area where you want the form to display, then click the OLX icon
​​User-added image
  1. Select your desired form from the dropdown
    • Note: this will add a code, similar to [olx_form form_id="10"] to the page. This code won't show to a viewer on the site, instead the form itself will be displayed.
  2. After the form is added, in the right column, click the blue Publish or Update button, depending on whether this is a new page or you are editing a page

To view your changes, click View Page or Preview Changes.


Note: If you have purchased WordPress through Blackbaud, and believe you should have this Plugin but do not, please contact Support and reference this Knowledgebase Article.