Blank error in post report when posting to General Ledger

When posting to General Ledger, the post report is blank with only the text "ERROR"

This can occur when an FE user has a username that is greater than 20 characters in length. The Validation and Posting considers the Added by name should be less the or equal to 20 characters in length.

1. In General Ledger > Administration > Set up system security
2. Under users, locate the username experiencing the issue
3. Update the user name to 20 characters max and then save and close
4. The user must exist and sign out for the changes to take effect (and login with their updated username)

Steps to Duplicate

1.  In General Ledger, Journal Entry, open an open batch
2.  Click the Post icon
3.  Note that validation is successful, but the post report is blank with only the word ERROR

Also noted that although the batch appears to have been posted successfully, the transactions do not appear in the account activity.

1.  In General Ledger, Journal Entry, open batch in question
2.  Double click on row in question
3.  From the menu, click Transaction, Go to, Account
4.  On the Activity tab, double click on period in question
5.  Note that no transactions appear



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