I need to a apply a payment to a pledge

When a donor makes a Pledge, they promise to make payments on a regular schedule. We need to record each payment in Altru as they arrive – typically by a check in the mail, or on a credit card.
  1. Go to the constituent record and at top left underneath Tasks, click Add Payment
  2. Enter the Amount being applied towards the pledge
    • ​​​​Note: If the payment is for more than the installment amount, you can choose where overpayment goes. These settings are configured by going to Revenue > Pledge overpayment options.
  3. Under Application details, change the Application to Pledge
  4. The next payment that is due will be listed. Select the pledge record this payment is going towards then click Add
  5. The Marketing tab and Transaction details tab will fill in automatically based on information that was entered on the Pledge.
  6. Confirm all entered is correct, then click Save.
Add Pledge Payment screenshot

Here is a great video which walks us through the steps on how to apply a payment to a pledge in Altru.


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