Configuring Web Payment Settings in Altru

In Altru, you may want to edit the length of time an item sits in the online shopping cart, change the text on your Altru webforms, insert HTML code into your online payment confirmation screen or edit the merchant account used for online purchases.
  1. Click Web > Web Payment Settings
    1. Click on the Design tab 
      • To edit the number of days to keep an item in an online cart by changing the number in the corresponding field.
      • To configure the Continue Shopping Settings, please see Is it possible to insert a shopping cart icon in web forms?
      • To edit the confirmation screen that your constituents will see after purchasing any item on your web forms
        1. Use the text editor to edit that confirmation screen and click save to save any changes that were made
      • To edit or insert HTML code for your confirmation screen, click on the view tab > HTML code.
      • To edit the merchant account that you're connected to, use the drop down menu under payment methods to change the merchant account in use.
    2. You can edit the text on web forms from the Language tab
      1. Change the dropdown menu under category to edit different areas of your webforms 
      2. Edit the text in the text column to change the language that is used on your Altru webforms
      3. Click Save once you have finished editing your language options


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