Emojis do not display correctly in email subject lines

When sending an Emoji in the subject of a BBIS email message, you might notice that it renders as question marks.
It is currently not possible to send emojis in the subject line of BBIS email messages. If you are interested in this functionality, there is an entry on the Idea Bank to add this feature in a future service pack: https://bbcrm.ideas.aha.io/ideas/BBIS-I-97.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Email > Messages.
2. Click New message.
3. From the Template drop-down menu, select any Blank Test Template.
4. In the Name of email field, enter a name for the email – include emoji ������
5. You can leave the defaults for all other required fields. Select any appeal. 
6. Click Send final / test (include yourself in the email).
7. Once the email job completes 
8. Notice the email subject renders incorrectly


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