Error: You really need to read this! - when opening ConnectRE

When accessing the Connect RE integration in Raiser's Edge users may see the message:
You really need to read this! It looks like a backup of Raiser's Edge has been restored. Any links created since the backup was made will need to be cleared. Those records will need to be rematched. Were you aware that a backup had been restored?

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This message can occur after restoring Raiser's Edge to a backup copy or when records pending action in the Connect RE integration have been merged, edited, or deleted in Raiser's Edge. When launching the Connect RE integration this message will display to indicate links and matches made in the integration may be reverted to the time before the changes were restored. These will need to be re-linked/re-matched. Restoring Raiser's Edge to a backup when utilizing the Connect RE integration is not recommended. This can have a negative impact on links, matches, and settings in the integration. You can also surpass this by skipping the screen and continue working. To avoid this message and subsequent required action, recommended best practice is to ensure there is no actions in the integration waiting to be processed prior to merging, deleting, or restoring to a backup.

NOTE: In November 2015 this message was reported and determined to be a bug caused by an issue with workstations impacted by daylight savings changes. This has since been resolved in the preceding update to the Connect RE integration.


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