Recognition programs not including revenue from sales orders

Some donors are not being recognized in a recognition program.  You may find when processing your Recognition Program that it does not pick up constituents that have qualifying revenue from sales orders (for example: a donation or membership purchase made online). 
Recognition Programs in Altru do not include sales orders (any donations/memberships made through online, daily sales, or advance sales). 

An option to monitor this is through Smart Fields (which do include sales orders). For more information, review how to build smart fields.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Constituents > Recognition Programs > Add a new program and select to include Individuals and any type (annual or lifetime)
  2. On the Recognition Criteria tab, select the box to include All Payments
  3. Click Save
  4. Create a sales order that contains a donation under any constituent (the sales order will automatically contain recognition credits)
  5. Go to Constituents > Constituent recognition processes > Add and start the process to run it for all programs for today's date
  6. Go to the Constituent record in step 4 and go to the Revenue and Recognition section
  7. Click on the Recognition Programs tab
  8. They will not be included


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