Where can I find and use the gift message included in a gift membership?

When purchasing a gift membership from online sales, the purchaser has the option to include a gift message. The gift message will not be sent to the patron receiving the gift membership. This article explains where that message is stored so that it can be used when running Acknowledgements or for Export purposes in a Query, to be used when creating Gift Certificates or other items.
To find the Gift Message:
1. Click Constituent, Constituent Search
2. Search for and select the constituent
3. Click on the Membership tab on the constituent's record
4. Click on the name of the membership program that was purchased
5. Scroll down to the recent membership transactions section
6. Click the arrow next to the membership transaction, click edit

Similarly, the same information can be pulled into a Constituent query.
1. From Analysis, Add an Ad-Hoc query, choose the Constituents source view
2. Under Browse for fields in, scroll down and expand Member > Membership
3. Highlight Membership Transaction
6. Under Select Membership Transaction fields, highlight Gift message, and move it to Results fields to display. 
See video: http://screencast.com/t/KGL4wOp5

To use the gift message in the Acknowledgement process: 
1. From Marketing & Communications, click on Acknowledgements
2. Expand an existing acknowledgement letter, and click Edit.
3. Scroll down to Merge fields: Acknowledgement merge fields, and click Edit
4. Expand Revenue Marketing > Revenue > Application Details 
5. Highlight Membership Transaction
6. Under Select Membership Transaction fields, highlight Gift message, and move it to Selected Fields
See video: http://screencast.com/t/tAH3jIge

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