A Grading Manager can remove the Reviewed check mark for a grade by:

1) Navigating to onRecord > Approval > Grading.
2) Filter for the appropriate School Year, School Level, Grade Plan, Reviewed By, Status and Teacher.
3) Click View to update results.
4) Across from the course, click Review.
5) For the student you want to re-calculate the grade for, un-check Reviewed.
6) Click Save & Exit

If the Grade Plan is still open, the teacher can then go back and record and re-calculate the grade.

If the Grade Plan is closed, the Grading Manager can recalculate the grade by:
1) Navigating to onRecord > Procedures > Grading > Record Grades.
2) Use the Filter options on the left to filter, then click View to update the results.
3) Click Record to the right of the course.
4) To the right of "Student," click icon to the right of Grade:
User-added image
5) Select the Students you wish to calculate grades for, and click Next.
6) Enter the formula that will be used to calculate the grades for the student(s).
7) Click Save & Exit.

To make the Grade Plan available for the teacher, a Grading Manager can:
1) Navigate to onRecord > Settings > Grading > Grade Plans.
2) Use the Filter Options on the left to filter for the Grade Plan, and click View to update the results.
3) Click View to the far right of the Grade Plan.
4) Click Edit in the upper right corner.
5) Here, the Grading Manager can extend the Grading and Review dates for the Grade Plan.
6) Click Save & Exit