Mirror Raiser's Edge events in Luminate Online

Luminate Online allows users to transfer calendar event information between Luminate Online and The Raiser's Edge.
You can select to mirror an existing event from Raiser's Edge into Luminate Online that will carry over any campaign and price types associated with the Raiser's Edge event. Once the mirror is complete you can manage certain aspects of the event in each program. In Raiser's Edge you can adjust event start and end times, dates, and price types. In Luminate Online, you can edit additional information that appears on donation forms for the event, create survey questions, and configure additional cross-references to The Raiser's Edge, such as funds or appeals.

After events are mirrors, any update to the event in The Raiser's Edge required that you edit the event in Luminate Online.

If a campaign was already associated with the event when it was created in The Raiser's Edge, that information automatically appears on the event records in Luminate Online. You can change the campaign in Luminate Online but the change will not transfer to The Raiser's Edge event record. We recommend you keep the cross-references consistent.

Steps to Duplicate

Mirror A Luminate Online Event with a Raiser's Edge Event
1. From the Events page in Luminate Online, click Mirror a CRM Event. The Mirror a CRM Event screen appears
2. On the Identify Event Step, under CRM Event, select The Raiser's Edge event to mirror. Each event in The Raiser's Edge that has not already occurred appears in the list.
3. Click Finish. The event record appears,

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