There are two options for pulling a list of registrants with their Registration Information Question answers.

Option 1: Run the Preregistered Program Roster Report:
  1. Go to Sales (Note: You can also access this report from the program event record by clicking View Roster from the Tasks menu).
  2. Under Reports, click Preregistered Program Roster
  3. Specify the Filters of the report
    1. Program - select the program 
    2. Date - specify the date ranges
  4. Mark the box to Include registration information 
  • Optional: Mark the boxes for specific registrations questions you'd like to see
  1. Click View Report
User-added image
Option 2: Create an Export Process for a custom roster

Step 1: Create your query
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library > Add an ad-hoc query
  2. Select Registrants and click OK
  3. On the left select Program Events > From the middle drag Event Record to include records where, Set equal to your Program Event
  4. On the left select Registration Payments > In the middle drag Total Payment Amount to Results fields to display
  5. Select the Set Save Options tab
  6. Name the query and check both the "Create a selection?" and "Show this Selection in the Query Designer" boxes
  7. Click Save and Close
Step 2: Create you export definition
  1. Go to Administration > Export definition > Add
  2. Select Registrants and click OK
  3. On the left select Registration Information > From the middle drag Response to selected fields
  4. In the Export Criteria box:
    1. Input the Number to Export
    • ​Note: The number to export will be 1, unless you have multiple answers to a question
    1. Mark to filter on Selected Registration Information
    2. Under Selected Registration Information, drag Question to Include Records Where, set Equal to and select the first question you would like to see the response to
    3. Save, then click OK
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  1. Click the registration Information line that was just added to Selected Fields, Use the pencil to rename that line with the Name of the Question
User-added image
  1. Select the Registrants line at top of your export definition prior to adding the new question
    • This will ensure that a new node will be added for each Registration Question
  2. Continue the steps above, until you have added all of your questions. Your definition should look similar to this:
  1. Save

Step 3: Create an export process for the query and definition
  1. Go to Administration > Export > Add
  2. Name the export
  3. Select the export type as an Export Definition
  4. Populate the selection field with the query you created
  5. Populate the export definition with the export definition you created
  6. Save
  7. Process the Export