Why are duplicate relationships created in Raiser's Edge records after Connect RE sync

After syncing Core data with Raiser's Edge via Connect RE, users see that many records in RE have duplicated relationships on the Relationship Tab. 
Duplicate relationships can occur when gender is not selected on a record in Core. Without genders, the plugin will use the gender neutral term listed in Core.
  1. Login to The Raiser's Edge
  2. Go to the Connect Raiser's Edge plugin
  3. Click the Gear icon on the top right of the page to view the settings
  4. Under the Parents section you will see the option to translate relationships
These settings will only work if the gender is set for the records in Core. 
  1. Login to the Core
  2. People Finder > select record 
  3. Contact Card
  4. In the General Information channel, note Gender is not listed due to no gender being selected for the user.
Connect RE depends on the Gender field to apply the correct relationship type to records.
If the Gender field is not selected in the Core profile, the system will default to the standard/non-gender settings and create a new relationship on the record. 

Original Relationship = Grandmother/Grandson
Transferred Relationship with no Gender bias = Grandparent/Grandchild

Constituent relationships types in Raiser's Edge are not equal to the relationship types in Core
Core records have a short list of relationship types that are available and are not editable.
Raiser's Edge relationships can be defined by the user in Config
If the relationship types in Raisers Edge are not possible/included in Core upon Sync a duplicate relationship will be added to the Raiser's Edge record 

Core Record relationship: Spouse / Partner
Raiser's Edge relationship: Husband / Wife
After sync, a "duplicate" relationship of Spouse / Partner will be added to the constituent record in Raiser's Edge


 Raiser's Edge
 Core, Connect RE

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