To ensure the accounts exist in the system:

1. In General Ledger > Records > Accounts > Open an Account
2. In the search field, enter the designated fund balance account code (such as 3000) in the appropriate part of the account search and click Find Now
3. Note the accounts that populate
4. If a fund balance (or net asset) account is missing for a particular fund, add it through Add a new account

To ensure a fund balance account is defined on the fund balance or net asset record:

1. In General Ledger > Configuration > Funds > Open the first fund listed
2. At the very bottom of the Fund record, ensure one of the following:
a. A full Net Asset (or Fund Balance) account is defined in the field 
b. If preserving details by a segment, ensure all segments are filled in with the exception of the starred out segment where the details are being preserved
3. Repeat for all Funds

Note: If any funds are set to preserve details during closing for a specific segment (such as department), a full account number must exist for every department combination with that fund balance account code. For example if a fund is set to preserve details by department, and we have departments 10, 20, 30, and 40, then fund balance accounts must exist in the system for each department. E.g. accounts 01-3000-10, 01-3000-20, 01-3000-30 and 01-3000-40 must all be created if they don't exist already.