Accessing Files
  1. To access your files, from your product, click the Databases icon > Hosted files:
  2. On the Citrix Workspace– Security Warning window, to authorize the Hosted Files window opening, select Permit use.
  3. Then, to permit access to your local machine’s folders for copying and pasting files between your hosted files folder and your machine’s folders, select Permit all access.
  4. The Tenant File Share window appears. For some users there may be a delay while Internet Explorer launches this window. Wait for this screen to appear.
    Blackbaud SKY Hosted Files locations
  5. The locations highlighted in yellow are not on your machine, those are the machine file locations for your hosted file space.
    • Tenant File Share UNC Path: This is a UNC path to the Tenant File Share noted below. This location should be selected when setting up exports via the Queue module.
    • Tenant File Share: A common space that all tenant users can access. For files that everyone needs to use in the product, place them here.
    • My Documents: This space is unique to the individual tenant user. It’s also the default location when you export and import files into the product.

Tenant File Share Settings
While this file explorer window looks like one you normally use on your computer, it has some unique settings.
  • You cannot drag and drop files from your computer to this window.
  • You cannot copy and paste files from a different window on your computer to these folders.
  • You cannot open most files in these folders. We do not recommend you work out of the files in hosted. We recommend you work on them locally and then copy over to your hosted files folder.

Adding and Moving Files
To copy and paste from your machine to hosted files, navigate only within the Hosted files window. Drives mapped to your machine have an append showing your machine’s name. For example, you may see Local Disk (C: on “YourMachineName”).
  1. In the hosted files window, select a local disk name where your file is located.
  2. Right-click and copy the local file.
  3. Select the Tenant File Share (F:) location for all users to access the file, or My Documents (M:) for you only to access.
  4. In the file list area, right-click and paste the file.
You can also reverse these instructions to copy and paste a file from your hosted files to your local machine. You just have to navigate and stay within the Hosted files window.

Note: In your product when you access the database view, your export and import file locations are set to this hosted file space by default. If you permit access, you can navigate to files on your local machine for saving an export or importing a file.