Constituent List:

- Can use multiple constituent lists.
- Can change/add/remove constituent lists in the message.
- Can use merge fields but NOT custom merge fields.

How to send an eMail using an Constituent List

Imported List: (displays the imported list name)

- Can only use 1 imported list at a time.
- Can have custom merge fields based on the CSV file column names.
- Used primarily for importing email lists from other sources or importing organization files as NetCommunity does not create lists from org file queries

- Must duplicate template to attach a different list to the template before creating a new message.

See article: Cannot select or change the recipient list for an email message, or the merge field button is missing (includes video demo)

How to send an eMail using an Imported List



- Can use a mixture of multiple lists (Constituent or Imported)
- Can change/add/remove lists in the message

For more information, here is a link to the template data sources section of the email guide:

Click here for the full Blackbaud NetCommunity Email Guide