What are the authentication options?
This "split" in authentication options for Applicants/Administrators and Reviewers/References exists because many of these References and Reviewers will not exist in your remote authentication solution, meaning they will not possess campus credentials with which they can log into the system.

With this "split" a problem arises when a Reference or Reviewer is in your remote authentication solution (has campus credentials) and chooses to authenticate using that remote strategy. When this occurs, the system creates a new user that has no knowledge of the Reference/Reviewer user that was created earlier. The system did not have the "unique identifier" (that your remote authentication solution sends us at the time of authentication) associated with the original Reference/Reviewer user at the time of authentication.

What is the Remote Identity API?
The Remote Identity API is intended to address the issue of a new user being created when a Reference/Reviewer authenticates using a remote authentication strategy, causing that Reference/Reviewer to take on the role of Applicant and be directed to complete a general application.  
This is accomplished by importing into the system a .CSV file of all email addresses and unique identifiers stored in your remote authentication solution.

To Locate Instructions for the Remote Identity API:
  • Select Site>Settings>Import & Export Tools, and scroll to the bottom of the page to click API Documentation (a document link).

API Documentation

  • You will then be presented with documentation for various APIs in the system. Click Remote Identity API for the instructions for this feature.

BEFORE YOU ARE READY TO BEGIN, review the following key information and steps:

  • Implementing Remote Identity API WILL NOT address any current duplicate accounts that have been created. To resolve those, contact Customer Support with the list of duplicate accounts, and Customer Support will deactivate them.
  • When you upload a Remote Identity File, any user (found by email address) in the file that does NOT have a UID will be updated with the UID provided in the file.
  • If the Remote Identity File contains an incorrect UID, those incorrect UIDs will be saved to the corresponding user accounts.
  • If the file contains users who have not yet logged into the system and have no accounts, that information will be held until they first log in.
  • Contact Customer Support to confirm that the file you plan to upload contains the two required columns of identifier data: UID (user ID) and email address.
  • Understand the two sets of login instructions you will need to provide to Applicants/Administrators and Reviewers/References: 
    • Applicants & Administrators will login with their campus credentials on their corresponding login tab.
    • Any Reviewers or References who do have campus credentials should sign in on the Applicants/Administrators login tab using these assigned credentials.
    • You may need to update the custom text for these login tabs accordingly at Site>Settings>Custom Text>"Applicant and Administrator Sign In Instructions" & "Reference and Reviewer Sign In Instructions"