Add a BBMS Account Configuration in Test or Demo mode: 
  1. Log in to the Blackbaud Merchant Services Web Portal
  2. Navigate to Account Management > General Settings
  3. Under Account Configurations, Click Add configuration
  4. Create a name for the configuration that makes is obvious that it will not charge an account such as "Test - DOES NOT CHARGE"
  5. From the CSC and AVS dropdown menus, select the desired levels for testing purposes. (We recommend None to each).
  6. From the Process Mode dropdown menu, select Test or Demo (see below for their uses)
  7. Scroll down to select the supported credit card types
  8. Click Save  (For Payments API users: after clicking Save to the account configuration, provide the name of the configuration to your developer for testing. Do not proceed to the next step unless testing your own application.)
  9. Edit the online payment form within the appropriate software to use this configuration
The new account configuration will automatically become available for use in the application if using CRM, RE, Online Express, NetCommunity, and Altru. It will need to be added manually to eTapestry, Luminate Online (via BBPS import), TeamRaiser (via BBPS Import) and OnProducts.
Note: Digital wallets cannot be tested as this functionality requires live use of a card enrolled in one of those programs.

To use the configuration to demonstrate how Blackbaud Merchant Services processes credit card transactions successfully, select either Test or Demo. If testing with batches containing over 25 transactions, Demo must be used. Use the information from What test credit card numbers are available to process test credit card transactions?

To use the configuration to test various decline messages from Blackbaud Merchant Services, select Test and use card numbers and amounts in How to test credit card response codes for Blackbaud Merchant Services.

To review transactions processed in Test mode visit: How to sort test transactions within BBMS Web Portal