​The hosted version of Microsoft Outlook must be opened in the background before you can send emails.
  1. In your application, click Tools > Mail Configuration.
  2. Enter your email address if you are prompted to, and then press OK
  3. Once more click Tools> Microsoft Outlook and Outlook will open

If all users at your organization do not receive emails sent through Blackbaud Hosting Services and MIcrosoft Azure, the following information may need to be whitelisted by your organization based on where your database is located:
  • Boston: d2pdcsm03v2.blackbaud.com (
  • Orange County: d2pdcsm03v0.blackbaud.com (
  • Vancouver: d2pdcsm03v0.blackbaud.com (
  • Microsoft Azure US:
  • Microsoft Azure Western EU:
  • Microsoft Azure Canada: