With Fraud Management, Blackbaud Merchant Services evaluates many factors to determine the likelihood of transactions being fraudulent and assigns a risk score, from 1-100, to rate the risk of fraud. For example, a transaction with a risk score of 30 has a 30% chance of being fraudulent.

Note: Transactions that fail one of the other Premium Fraud Management checks may show a risk score of -1.

There is no static formula to calculate the risk score. To determine the risk score, Blackbaud Merchant Services considers several risk factors and statistical fraud patterns. These factors include Proxy Detection, IP Address Information, Bank Identification Number Country Match & Address, Email and Phone Number Checks. For additional information on these factors, refer to the Blackbaud Merchant Services Fraud Management Risk Score Factors document.

The default risk score threshold is 35, but can be adjusted by the organization at any time if, for example, legitimate transactions are being declined by the current settings. To determine the best threshold, export a Transaction Search and view the risk score assigned to transactions that have been attempted since the fraud screening has been enabled, this will be in column U on the spreadsheet. See How to export the transactions that appear in the Transaction Search