Common, online admission, and online re-enrollment forms must be placed into a form display part, and the form display part is what gets placed on to the page.

After the Common, online admission, and online re-enrollment form is created, here's how to create a form display part to make the form accessible on your site:
  1. Log in to NetCommunity.
  2. Locate the desired page where the form is to be placed:
    • For an existing page, search for the page at Site Explorer > Pages & Templates (or History > Pages if recently viewed.
    • For a new page, navigate to Create > New page to set up a new page for the site.
  3. After locating the page, click Edit this page in the top left corner of the page that you would like the form to be on (if not in edit mode already).
  4. Click the empty content pane box, or a cog wheel of an existing part, for where you would like to place the form on the page.
  5. Click New part.
  6. Choose Form display from the part type drop down menu in the popup window. Also, enter an appropriate part name in the part name field.
  7. Click the Next button.
  8. Click the Add Form button.
  9. Click the binoculars to choose the existing form.
  10. Click the form you want to use and click the Select button.
  11. Enter an appropriate Display Name for the form. Note: This display name will be seen by users on the site.
  12. Make any other changes to the form display part that are wanted.
  13. Click the Save button. The form display part will now place any forms within the part on the page.