In almost all cases, the currency filter field should be left set to none.
Limiting your reports to a single currency type can affect the accuracy of your reports if you enter gifts in different currencies. Therefore, for all but the most specialized uses, you should leave the currency filter field set to none. If you use the currency filter, be sure to remove it immediately after you run the report. If you are running reports or exporting gift amounts and you are missing most gifts, remove the currency filter.  Those gifts probably did not have that currency.  Removing the currency filter may also allow the report or mailing to process faster.

If no currency filter is chosen, all gifts display in the format of the organization.


For example, your organization is in the US. Jason lives in Japan has given a gift of 40 Yen. At the time the gift was received the exchange rate was 109.25. In the currency exchange, 40 was entered in the Gift amount and Receipt amount fields in the Yen(JAP) column. The Raiser's Edge automatically enters the exchange amount for the US, in this case, $4,370

If the currency filter is set to none when running a report or mailing, all gifts are listed on the report and Jason's is listed with a gift amount of $4,370.

If the currency filter is set to Yen - Japan when running a report or mailing, only gifts set up with the Yen currency exchange are listed, e.g. Jason's, and display the Yen amount, e.g.40 Yen