Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. Make sure the two reports and the fields in the reports are designed to match. Remember that many reports pull different information for different kinds of analysis and will not match, regardless of how similarly the filters are configured. For example:
  2. The Cash Flow Report (a report on projected income for the future) will never match the Gift Detail Report (a report to show what income has already come in).
  3. The Amount column in the New Donors Report is the first amount that the donor has given, but the Amount Given field in the Donor Category Report is the total amount given.
  4. Ensure that the same records are selected on both reports. For example:
  5. Ensure that both reports use the same query if using a query (unless the next bullet applies).
  6. Ensure that one of the reports doesn't automatically exclude constituents being included on the other report. For example, when printing a membership report, only constituents with memberships are included. Other reports such as the Constituent Directory would not exclude constituents without memberships. Therefore, the reports do not include the same constituents and will not match. In this case, the Constituent Directory would need to use a query that excludes constituents without memberships.
  7. Ensure that the parameters used are exactly the same for both reports. For example:
  • Use the same date range in the start and end date. If using the fiscal year, make sure to use it in both reports.
  • Ensure that the same gift types are chosen. For example, some reports default to write-offs being included and some default to it not being included.
  • Check that the option to Calculate gift balance based on date range, campaign, fund, and appeal (BB10957) is marked identically for both reports, if the gift type of pledge is included.
  • Do the reports both include or exclude Inactive, Deceased, or Constituents with No Valid Addresses?
  • Are soft credits and matching gifts distributed the same way in both reports?
  • Check other filters, such as constituency codes, campaigns, funds, and appeals, to make sure that the reports are filtered the same way.